Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim Newsletter Term 3 2023

Our Level System

When you first enroll your child in our learn to swim program your child will undergo an assessment of their swimming ability by the Programs Supervisor. On completion of the assessment your child will be assigned a program level. Each student is assessed each term and provided with a personalised progress report. Those who graduate from a level will be issued a certificate of completion.

Details of the learn to swim levels are below:


  • Offers the ideal opportunity to introduce your baby or toddler to the aquatic environment through play, activities, songs and toys.
  • This program is specifically designed around children’s growth and development, with a focus on water familiarisation, safety and control.


  • For children graduating from Pearl or children who are nervous in the water without a parent/caregiver.
  • Focus is on creating basic swimming skills and building water confidence. 
  • We will work toward independence in water, breath control, body position, assisted floating and basic kick technique within a smaller parent/child program.


  • For children graduating from Ruby or ready for independent swimming lessons. 
  • Aimed at developing foundational skills aligned to children’s physical, emotional and social milestones.
  • Focus on effective kick and propulsion, good body position, floating and water safety.


  • Aimed at improving students’ Freestyle arm action and self-propulsion, whilst maintaining strong kick and body position.
  • Introduction of Backstroke and Butterfly concepts, with focus on body position and kick, as well as basic Breaststroke.
  • Safety elements developed include deep water floating, treading water and recovery to the wall from accidental fall in.


  • Aimed at developing bilateral breathing in Freestyle and correct Backstroke technique.
  • Students will work towards establishing the mechanics of a strong Breaststroke kick.
  • Safety elements focus on increasing the distance and time students can stay afloat and recover to wall unassisted.


  • Aimed at further development of Freestyle and Backstroke
  • Students will work toward becoming more efficient through the water, with good timing and strength over longer distances. 
  • Breaststroke and Butterfly full strokes are introduced, as well as the basics of tumble turns and other skills.


  • Aimed at refining style and technique in Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly with more advanced drills and skills.
  • Focus on Breaststroke mechanics with emphasis on body position, breathing and timing.
  • Water safety and life saving strategies are further developed with side stroke and back sculling introduced.

Note – it is important that each child is assessed individually by the Programs Supervisor to ascertain the appropriate level.


Learn to Swim program fees cover specialised instruction and supervision by trained staff as well as program administration costs. Please note fees only cover program participation, they do not cover general entry.

Fees for swimming outside of the lesson time below.

$2.00 fee per student 5-16 years of age.

$4.00 fee per student 0-4 years of age including one adult as this age group requires an adult in the water with them.

Lesson fees are $16.50 per child, per lesson. Families with more than one child enrolled receive a discount for additional children. This means you pay $16.50 for the first child and $15.50 for each additional child per lesson.

Payment of learn to swim fees can be made up front or by direct debit. Upfront payment requires full payment of fees by week 3 of the learn to swim term. The direct debit option is a monthly payment of $45.50 per child, per month, debited from your nominated account on the 15th of each month. Please note that payment by direct debit is a minimum 12-month contract (12 x payments)

Active Kids

Sapphire Aquatic Centre and Bega Valley Shire Council is a NSW Government approved Active Kids Provider. This means you can use your Active Kids vouchers toward our Learn to Swim and Squad programs. Vouchers can only be redeemed for structured programs that run for a minimum of 8 weeks i.e. 9 week term program or 2 months squad training.

Also accepting First Laps Vouchers. Vouchers can only be redeemed for structured programs that run for a minimum of 8 weeks i.e. 9 week term program or 2 months squad training.

For more information on learn to swim fees or programs please CONTACT the Sapphire Aquatic Centre