Group Fitness

Sapphire Aquatic Centre has a great range of classes per week available on the timetable for you to choose from. Classes cater for a wide variety of ages and abilities, there is something for everyone! 


POOL BASED CLASSES – Aqua Aerobics classes are scheduled Monday – Friday.  There are two levels to choose from depending on your ability.


45 minutes of Aqua Fitness in our 25metre pool. (temperature 27.7C). This high energy class uses water resistance equipment getting your heart rate up to ensure you get a great workout with minimal impact/strain on the bodies joints.


45 minutes of Aqua Lite Exercises in the Multi-Purpose pool. (temperature 30.6C). This class targets exercises for those who are looking for a low impact, low intensity workout. Combining cardio, strength and mobility exercises using dumbbells and noodles. Giving you a fun and healthy workout.

LAND BASED CLASSES – Land based classes are scheduled Monday – Friday. 


50 minute class – Pilates and Core based. Moving through a flow of exercises designed to increase core strength, tone and improve overall strength.


50 minute class – Grab your exercise mat and hit the floor. This will help you work on flexibility, core strength, yoga poses, balance and postural alignment. Suitable for all ages, a great way to unwind.


50 minute class – Circuit training class to promote body conditioning that involves cardio training, resistance training and functional body weight exercises. Suitable for all ages targeting strength and muscular endurance.


50 minute class – Gym circuit class that incorporates the five components of fitness: Strength, Cardio, Co-ordination, Balance and Flexibility. This class is designed to improve your overall functional fitness, give confidence using gym equipment while being challenging and providing a full body workout for all fitness levels.


One hour circuit training for teens aiming to improve overall fitness using cardio, body weight and resistance training. High School Students – (Ages 12 to 19) This is a fully supervised class. Teens aged 12-15 need guardian permission. Forms available at reception or below.