Energy Efficiency

Bega Valley Shire Council’s ‘Energy Efficient Community Pools’ project secured much needed energy efficient upgrades to the Shire’s pools. Through funding from the Federal Government and Council over $200,000 has been invested in our pools helping to maintain services, improve amenity for pool users, reduce energy costs and help Council meet its greenhouse gas reduction objectives.

The projects have included all 6 community pools across the shire.

Upgrades completed at the outdoor seasonal pools include:

  • Installation of Variable Speed Drives which help pumps work more efficiently
  • Installation of Solar Pool Heating which preheats the water for the pool
  • Installation of new amenity block hot water systems to replace old electric storage hot water systems
  • Installation of efficient showerheads / flow control valves to  slow the flow of water reducing hot water costs

In addition to the seasonal pools, Sapphire Aquatic also received upgrades that included:

  • Replacement of existing lights with energy efficient lighting
  • Installation of Variable Speed Drives on filtration pump motors
  • The purchase of a new pool cover for the toddler splash pool
  • Upgrades and expansions of solar pre-heat systems for pools

All the projects combined are set to reduce Council’s energy consumptions by approximately 120t CO2e- and 140MWh’s of electricity.The below diagram provides an insight as to how Sapphire Aquatic Centre works and the energy efficiency gains that have been made by the completion of recent works.

How Sapphire Aquatic Centre Works
How Sapphire Aquatic Centre Works

How Do We Know That The Changes Have Worked?

An assessment of the Sapphire Aquatic Centre electricity account shows that the changes we have made are having a positive effect in reducing our energy consumption and the amount billed each month. The data indicates a reduction in energy consumption by almost 12% during months that are predominately cooler in this region.