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Our Level System      

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When you first enrol your child in our learn to swim program your child will undergo an assessment of their in water ability by the Programs Supervisor. On completion of assessment your child is allocated a program level. Each student is assessed every term they attend lessons and on graduating from a level they are issued with a certificate.

Details of the learn to swim levels are below:

Pearl – Parent/Child class for children (6months – 3 years).

Opal – Transition class for children who have graduated from Pearl.

Ruby – Preschool beginners from 3 years of age.

Sapphire – Preschool/School aged children who swim freestyle independently, approximately between the ages of 4-7 years.

Emerald – Working towards achieving a good freestyle, backstroke and butterfly technique.

Diamond – Completion of the swim school levels with good technique in all 4 competitive strokes, starts and turns.

Note – it is important that each child is assessed individually by the Programs Supervisor to ascertain the appropriate level.

  Our Fees

Learn to Swim program fees cover specialised instruction and supervision by trained staff as well as costs related to program administration. The fees also allow students to swim recreationally for 10 minutes either side of their lesson times.

Lesson fees are $14.00 per child, per lesson. Families with more than one child enrolled receive a discount for subsequent children and pay $14.00 for the first child and 13.00 for each additional child per lesson.

Payment of learn to swim fees can be made up front or by direct debit. Up front payment requires full payment of fees by week 3 of the learn to swim term. The direct debit option is a monthly payment of $40.00 per child, per month,  debited from your nominated account on the 15th of each month. Please note that payment by direct debit is a minimum 12 month contract.

For more information on learn to swim fees please contact the Sapphire Aquatic Centre on 6494 3100 or email info@sapphireaquatic.com.au

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