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Nicholas Hoynes
Aquatic Facilities Manager


Irena PicIrena Rogers
Aquatic Front Office Coordinator
Hobbies:  Walking, reading, music, baking
What I love about the area: I love everything about the Sapphire Coast from the beaches to our National Parks and I love that in our small towns we have caring,  community minded people.




Tim Klumper
Aquatic Operations Coordinator

Hobbies:  Prospecting and poker.
What I love about the area: the surf, the poker competition, the pool community, the closeness of the community and the proximity to capital cities.

Gym & Group Fitness Supervisor

Stacey Asplin
Learn to Swim Instructor
Hobbies: Movies and horse’s
What I love about the area: I live in Wyndham and love the peaceful beautiful community of my home town with its gorgeous country hills, land & rivers. I also have the luxury of a short drive to the best beaches in Australia, I have the best of both worlds. This area is a beautiful place to raise my children in.

peterPeter Brown
Hobbies: Flying, kayaking, marine rescue
What I love about the area: The lifestyle.




Julie Buelow
Front Office Staff
Hobbies: Golf, reading, cycling
What I love about the area: Love the ocean and natural park areas & beaches, also great community spirit.

Richard Buelow
Hobbies: Swimming, golf and going to the beach
What I love about the area: The weather, beach and the golf courses.

FullSizeRender (4)Katrina Ewing
Hobbies: Exploring the wilderness by pack raft, bike and foot.
What I love about the area: The easy access and availability of all the above in our region.



Miriam Hennessey
Group Fitness Instructor
Hobbies: Health, sports, fitness & having a good time!
What I love about the area: I love the beach and beautiful country surrounds, it’s a little slice of heaven!


IMG_0270Hannah Cousin
Learn To Swim Teacher

Hobbies:  Reading, watching fish swim, swimming, watching movies, watching fish swim, watching fish swim!
What I love about the area:  I love watching fish swim because they are very cool and I get to play with lots of different species.  Science is also cool, marine biology is fantastic and cuttlefish are awesome.



Anne Pointon
Learn to Swim Instructor
Hobbies: Golf, surfing, hockey
What I love about the area: Love the beaches, golf courses and our indoor aquatic centre.

Ana Maria Arcos Solari
Hobbies: Surfing, swimming, music, yoga, reading
What I love about the area: the coastal line, the walks, the views, the wilderness and the people who live here and their love and care for nature. I also the possibility of enjoying nature but not too far from town. You can go to very different places within a short distance and enjoy the coast, the mountains, the forest, all in one go. Having two children I found this area a great place for them to grow up, surrounded by all these beautiful places and a real sense of community.

sharonSharon Wells
Learn to Swim Instructor / Junior Development Coach/Child-Minding Staff
Hobbies: Knitting, Reading and Genealogy
What I love about the area: Being ableto live in an area that is rural and has great beaches very close.




Lucy PicLucy Williams
Learn to Swim Programs Supervisor / Squad and Development Coach
Hobbies: Swimming, painting
What I love about the area: the people, the lifestyle and the beaches


Emma Jane Skeers
Learn to Swim Instructor
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Reading, Planning Events, Modelling and Getting Dressed UP
What I love about the area: It’s a beautiful place that is safe and relaxing!


Tanya Paradine
Group Fitness Instructor / Gym Staff
Hobbies: Health and fitness, movies and good television series, reading, music, travelling and relaxing at the beach.
What I love about the area: Its natural beauty and great sense of community spirit. It is the most amazing backyard for my daughter, with so much to offer and all so close and convenient. I have lived here for 8 years and am still discovering its many treasures. It is truly a sapphire of this wonderful land.