| Group Fitness

Sapphire Aquatic Centre has a great range of classes per week available on the timetable for you to choose from. Classes cater for a wide variety of ages and abilities, there is something for everyone!


Aqua Aerobics classes are scheduled Monday – Friday.  There are two levels to choose from depending on your ability.

Aqua H.E.A.T stands for High Energy Aerobic Training in the water.  This high energy class in the 25 metre pool uses water as resistance ensuring you get a great workout with minimal impact and strain on the body’s joints.

Aqua F.L.O.A.T translates to Fun Light Older Adult Training in the multipurpose pool.  A slightly less intensive version of H.E.A.T. suitable for those slightly older or those recovering from injury. There is a maximum of 16 participants for the multipurpose pool, so bookings are essential.

We offer Freestyle group fitness classes as well as pre choreographed MOSSA (formerly BTS), classes include, Group Power and Group Active. There is a maximum of 10 participants for the group fitness studio, so bookings are essential.

For full class details see below under timetable.

As there is limited space in the Group Fitness studio and Aqua Float Classes the best way to secure your spot is to book into your class. You can book by phoning the centre on 02 6494 3100. Bookings open on a Monday in the week prior to scheduled classes.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your class starting.




For information on just what is involved in each of the classes refer to the description information above.